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Aviation Fueling Nozzles

Now available from PEAR, under-wing and over-wing aviation fueling nozzles. Available brands for under-wing nozzles from Eaton-Carter, Cla Val and Whittaker. Available for over-wing nozzles are OPW and Gammon.

OPW 295SA Overwing Aviation Fueling Nozzle Eaton Aviation Underwing Fueling Nozzle Cla-Val 347GF Aviation Fueling Nozzle

Aviation Fueling Nozzle Repairs

Also available are repair/overhaul parts and accessories to keep your operation up and running.

OPW Overwing Aviation Fueling Nozzle Parts Eaton Aviation Underwing Fueling Nozzle Parts

Are you experiencing delivery issues for nozzles and replacement parts? Discuss your issue with PEAR and we can implement a program to keep your operation running smoothly with any parts issues you may be experiencing.

Repaired Aviation Fueling Nozzles

Let us be your one stop shop!

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