OPW 295 Over-Wing Aviation Nozzles

OPW 295 Over-Wing Nozzle - 295SACJ-0200PEAR Canada is an authorized OPW stocking distributor for aviation related fuel handling equipment.

All 295 series over-wing nozzles are stocked in the following model numbers:

OPW Model # Size & Spout Type
295SAC-0156 1-1/4” NPT with 1” spout
295SAC-0157 1-1/2” NPT with 1” spout
295SAC-0158 1-1/2” NPT with 1-1/2” spout
295SACJ-0200 1-1/2” NPT with Flared Jet spout

OPW 295 Parts

OEM Parts

All supplied parts from PEAR are OEM equipment insuring the correct fit and approved materials are used for replacement parts. We keep a good stock available so your equipment is back up and working as soon as possible.

Fjord preferred handle guards and spout dust caps are available upon request.

Nozzle Repair Service

Our trained service technicians have been repairing over-wing and single point nozzles for many years. If you are not familiar, do not have the time or trained staff, we can repair your nozzles to working order in record time to keep your operation up and running.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon PEAR OPW 295 Over-Wing Aviation Nozzles Datasheet

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon OPW 295SA SAJ Aircraft Nozzles Brochure