Refueling Operational Consumables

Operational Consumables

PEAR stocks many of the common refueling operational consumable needs to keep your operation running smoothly.


• Fast, reliable way to detect water in fuel storage tanks
• For all petroleum fuels, including ethanol and methanol blends, diesel, kerosene, #2 oil, JP-4, JP-5 and more
• Works in seconds, even in extreme temperature conditions
• Paste will turn yellow-green upon contact with water
• Driver-friendly flip cap in user-friendly plastic tube, less mess than metal tubes

Water Finding Paste


APPLICATIONS: The Laboratory Gas Drying Unit can be used anywhere to provide dry air or gas for applications such as: blanketing, sample preparation, instrument protection, reaction mixtures, purging, vacuum release, venting with dry air.
COLOR CHANGE: The Indicating DRIERITE gives constant visual assurance of active desiccant. When active, Indicating DRIERITE is a distinct blue color. When exhausted, it turns pink. The zone between the two colors in the column may be a purple color and should be a sharp narrow band when the flow rate is at equilibrium. Regeneration will restore the drying capacity.

Drierite Desiccant TubesDrierite Container


The aviation industry’s test system of choice.  Used over 10 million times a year around the world.  A syringe fitted with a Shell Water Detector capsule only takes a matter of moments to check the fuel at any stage of the delivery system.  The SWD is the most cost-effective safety measure for your operation.  The SWD is a device for determining the presence of finely dispersed undissolved water in concentrations lower than those normally detectable by visual examination.

Shell Water Detector Kit (SWD)Shell Water Detector 5ml Syringe


PEAR can supply vessel closure O-rings in Buna or Viton material in various cross section diameters.  Assembled Vulcanized O-ring with supplied dimensional information or bulk O-ring cord material for field assembly if exact sizes are unknown c/w Turbo Fuse adhesive (equal to Locktite 404)

Vessel Cover Gasket/O-RingTurbo Jet Super Glue